Three Fundamental Ways to Reach Your Potential

There are many different methods one can engage in to reach their potential.  In this article we look at thee basic ways that this can be achieved.


 Find out what and who you really are.  To do that analyze the following within yourself:  what are your strengths and weaknesses?  Are you an introvert or extrovert?  What are your values?  What do you enjoy doing?  In which type of environment do you most thrive/do badly?  This is a good start to finding out who you really are.

Focus Inward not Outward

Too many people spend their energy looking outside of themselves.  They keep asking:  am I good enough compared to x?  How successful am I at my job compared to y?  Who is winning the parenting competition, etc.  This is a mistake. Stop judging yourself via others’ standards and levels.  Look inward and do not use fear of failure to stop yourself from achieving your goals.

Expand Your Borders

This does not mean letting people in and saying ‘yes,’ when you want to say ‘no.’  In fact, that is quite the opposite of how to reach your full potential.  What this  means is, instead of saying “I can’t do x, y and z,” say “I’m going to push myself to do these things,” as the more you close in on your borders, the less you’ll end up doing and the further away you’ll come from becoming the real you.

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